The Nix Color Sensor

Scan, Save, Share, and Compare Color
On Your Smartphone.

Measuring and matching color with paint chips and the naked eye is time-consuming, inaccurate, and inconvenient. The new Nix Color Sensor is a real-life color eyedropper that you can simply touch to any surface and have an accurate color reading sent to your smartphone in seconds.

  • Scan any surface and instantly view the color co-ordinates in RGB, CMYK, LAB, HSL, and more!
  • Save color swatches to your smartphone and organize them into palettes.
  • Share your scanned colors on social media or email them to clients, family, and friends.
  • Compare between colors to ensure quality and accuracy. Perfect for inks, wall paints, and textiles!

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A Tape Measure for Color

Here’s How the Nix Color Sensor is Revolutionizing the Color Industry:

Use Any Color System

The Nix app can convert between any digital or physical color system. Want to know what color a flower is in HTML or CMYK? Or what color your condo's walls are in brand name paint? Nix can do it.

User-Friendly Design

Nix is buttonless—it can't get much simpler than that. At only a bit larger than a ping pong ball, Nix fits as comfortably in your bag as it does on your desk. Its soft touch coating makes it comfortable—not to mention it’s super durable.

Best-In-Class Accuracy

Swatchbooks and smartphone apps are greatly affected by ambient light and shadows. Nix's patent pending design blocks out all ambient light. Built-in LEDs provide maximum accuracy in all conditions.

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