The Nix Color Sensor

Scan, Save, Share, and Compare Color On Your Smartphone.

Measuring and matching color with paint chips, fan decks, and the naked eye is time-consuming, inaccurate, and inconvenient. The NIX Pro Color Sensor is a real-life color eyedropper that you can simply touch to any surface and have an accurate color reading sent to your smartphone in seconds.

  • Scan any surface and instantly view the color co-ordinates in RGB, CMYK, HTML, L*AB, HSL, and HSV color spaces on your smartphone.
  • Save color swatches to your smartphone and organize them into palettes to refer back to at any time.
  • Share your favorite colors on social media or email them to clients, family, and friends.
  • Compare between colors to ensure quality and accuracy, and to determine exactly how two colors are different. Perfect for inks, wall paints, and textiles!


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A Tape Measure for Color

Here’s How the Nix Color Sensor is Revolutionizing the Color Industry:

Use Any Color System

The Nix app can convert between any digital or physical color system. Want to know what color a flower is in HTML or CMYK? Or what color your condo's walls are in brand name paint? Nix can do it.

User-Friendly Design

Nix is buttonless—it can't get much simpler than that. At only a bit larger than a ping pong ball, Nix fits as comfortably in your bag as it does on your desk. Its soft touch coating makes it comfortable—not to mention it’s super durable.

Best-In-Class Accuracy

Swatchbooks and smartphone apps are greatly affected by ambient light and shadows. Nix's patent pending design blocks out all ambient light. Built-in LEDs provide maximum accuracy in all conditions.

As Seen On

"If you want to know the color of something, and are sick of having to get paint decks from every paint company to do it, the Nix is a tool you need to have in your pocket."

"In an age where artists use tools like eyedropper and color picker (plugins) right, left and center, Nix might just turn out to be the analog equivalent that everyone so dearly misses."

"Making digital projects often means approximating hues you love in real life—often badly. Nix is a pocket-sized Bluetooth sensor that, unlike your phone’s camera, doesn’t let ambient light pollute the color you want to capture and reproduce."

Make Color Inspiration Easy