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Nix at the Interior Design Show 2015

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Although we weren’t exhibiting (this year), we had an incredible time at the Interior Design Show held from January 22 – 25 in Toronto, ON.

The IDS is a truly international conference, and we met designers, architects, and businesses from several different countries who were all passionate about good design… and great color! One thing we especially enjoyed was the space set aside for smaller businesses, designers, and boutiques to showcase their work. Many of these exhibits turned out to be our favorites!

As always, we had a Nix in our pocket to capture the color inspiration we came across. From the use of oranges to spice up a kitchen display to geometric modular flooring, here’s some of the things we discovered. We can’t wait to be back next year!




New Product, New Website

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Happy 2015! If you’ve been to our site before, you might notice that our website has changed dramatically… along with our core product, the Nix Sensor!

After extensive user feedback, we’ve completely rebuilt both the hardware and software of the Nix Sensor over the past three months, and we are excited to announce the upcoming release of the Nix Pro. Here’s a sneak peek:

The Nix Pro:

  • Scanning hardware that’s proving to be six times more accurate than the average human eye in Alpha testing.
  • Over one year of standby battery life.
  • A slightly larger design for durability and ease of use.
  • The in-app ability to compare between two colors to ensure accuracy, quality, and consistency.
  • An intuitive user interface that makes sorting, storing, and sending colors quick and easy.

Want to be Featured on

We’ve recently launched a new initiative called ‘Real People, Real Color’, where Nix users can submit color inspiration that they find from day to day, and be featured on our website! Some examples so far include stonework, beets, and guitars. We’re looking for Nix users to submit content. Please email us at for more information!