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Supporting Hamilton’s Startup Community; McMaster Spectrum

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On Wednesday, February 25th, Matthew Sheridan and Zachary Strong of Nix Sensor Ltd. shared some of their experiences as entrepreneurs in the hardware industry at McMaster’s Spectrum lecture series.

Spectrum is an extracurricular program encouraging, developing and supporting all McMaster entrepreneurs, including students at all levels of learning. Over 50 aspiring entrepreneurs learned about how to apply the scientific method to their business, as well as the importance of resources, market validation, and capitalizing on media awareness.

NIX Pro Now Available For Purchase

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Following a Kickstarter campaign that raised $70,000 for the commercialization of the original sensor, Nix Sensor Ltd. has been gathering feedback from Nix users in over 30 countries to determine how to improve upon the original design.

In late 2014, the NIX Pro was developed as a vast improvement over the original sensor. Both the hardware and software have been completely redesigned to improve accuracy, usability, and increase the range of features available to users. The NIX Pro boasts:

  • Redeveloped hardware, software, and hand-calibrated devices that yield improved accuracy over the original Nix sensor.
  • Ability to compare between two colors and receive a Delta-E value.
  • A more intuitive app interface, based on extensive user feedback.

The NIX Pro will retail for $349 retail, but is available for only $299 until the first unit is shipped in March 2015.

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