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Nix Pro Color Sensor App available for iOS & Android

Posted by Elaina Principato in Company Updates | 0 comments

The companion app to the breakthrough Nix Pro Color Sensor device lets users scan, save, share, and compare color using any color system in the world.

Traditional methods of color measurement, such as paint chips and fan decks, are inaccurate and unreliable due to varying light conditions and human error. The Nix Pro is a revolutionary device that blocks out all ambient light and uses a calibrated light source to obtain accurate color information, which is then sent to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

The companion app to the Nix Pro was released in April 2015 for iOS and Android devices, and can convert between any color system in the world. It can also save colors in an intuitive library system, share colors through social media or email, and test color quality by comparing scanned samples to known color values.


“Every viable color measurement solution in the consumer market today is difficult to transport, inaccurate, or prohibitively expensive,” said Matthew Sheridan, Founder and CEO of Nix Sensor Ltd. “The Nix Pro is the first color sensor that is accurate, portable, and affordable – it’s the Photoshop eyedropper in real life.”

The Nix Pro Color Sensor device is available for $349 USD, and the app is available for free. Upcoming features include the ability to match scanned colors to interior paints, as well as a color conversion tool. Users will also be able to upload their own database to the app and export scanned values in .csv format.