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Nix App Update for iOS & Android: What’s new in Version 2.5.9?

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In our previous app update, we expanded our color library and improved the user interface with helpful features. So, what’s new in the recent app update? Our Nix app update for iOS and Android includes new languages, additional color libraries and a new color system! Here’s a list of some of the new additions you can find in the new update:

New Nix iOS app update: Version 2.5.9

iOS and Android App Update:

  • Languages Added: Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, and Portuguese localizations
  • New Color System: added LCH(ab) as an optional color system which can be enabled in the                   Settings menu.

Additional Color Libraries:

Nix app update with new color libraries
If you have any further questions on the new app update, feel free to reach out to us at or call +1 (800) 649-1387.


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