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Bring your color measurement practices into the 21st century.

We can help you make visual grading charts a thing of the past while saving money and improving quality.


Meet the Nix Pro Color Sensor.

It’s a tape measure for color that any employee can use.

When you are processing tens or hundreds of tonnes of products per month, solutions must be able to have a measurable effect given your volume and margins. The Nix Pro Color Sensor is the most reliable and user-friendly color measurement solution in the world, and is ideal for industry use due to its speed, simplicity, and digital data storage.


How does it work?

Scan any food product you like.

Fruits, vegetables, meats, bread… you name it. The Nix Color Sensor blocks out all the ambient light in the room and provides its own calibrated light source, which provides objective color data. We also offer solutions for challenging and unique use cases.

Collect and organize color data.

A connected color device like the Nix Pro empowers employees of all skill levels to be part of the color quality control process, which provides you with data that is digitized and sortable in .csv format – something that fan decks and spectrophotometers could never do.

Curious about how this might work for your company? We digitize your existing color systems and provide help with process integration as part of our trial process.


November 19, 2015

“As processors signal the desire to introduce payment systems that reward and penalise based on carcase attributes, the world of red meat science has been in overdrive coming up with almost unbelievable methods and tools that allow for intrinsic measurements on animals.


Technology is clearly moving at an incredible rate, with Dr Ball demonstrating the latest gadget – a nix colour sensor, which he said the meat industry didn’t even know existed three months ago.

“It’s a tool we can now put into any abattoir or retail environment, at a cost of just $500 [AUD], and have the ability to describe variations in meat colour,” he said.”

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But wait, there’s more…

No user calibration required.

Other color measurement solutions rely on calibration tiles (or stickers) to maintain their accuracy. All of these things get soiled easily and fade within months, which is a fatal flaw in their design and makes them frustrating to use. All Nix Pro units are factory-calibrated and designed to maintain their accuracy over time.

This thing is built to last.

Not to boast, but this a smartphone accessory that will definitely outlive your smartphone. It is designed to be resistant to drops, dirt, and extreme temperature conditions. If you get dirt or dust on it, just clean it like you would a smartphone screen. Good luck dropping your spectro on the floor or cleaning dirt off of your fan decks.


Learn more about how we can help your business:

From our beginnings at Nix Sensor Ltd., we have been working with many clients to revolutionize how color quality is tracked and improved. We have extensive experience in designing and implementing color quality control programs that fit with our clients’ existing workflows.

We are the only color technology company in the world that specializes in custom applications and unique use cases, particularly in the food & agriculture sector.