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Tired of guessing?

The Nix Pro Color Sensor is the real-life Photoshop eyedropper tool

Instant digital values

Just like the Photoshop eye-dropper tool, the Nix Pro Color Sensor can accurately scan any surface and provide a wide range of digital color values that fits your needs. Conveniently choose from RGB, CMYK, HEX, ACES, and more!

Elevate your designs

Incorporating colors into your creative work has never been so easy! Seamlessly pull colors from the world around you no matter the lighting. The Nix Pro blocks out all ambient light and provides its own calibrated light source, getting the exact color every time.

Save and share favorites

With the Nix Pro, you can save thousands of colors to your smartphone or tablet, and organize them with a simple folder system. Looking for feedback on a color selection? Easily share your favorites with your clients and colleagues over social media or email.

Simply compare colors

Whether it’s to maintain brand consistency, check print quality, or to aesthetically compare two colors, users can do side-by-side analysis with our built-in compare feature. Conduct a color comparison in three different ways; select a color from the library, scan a color directly with the Nix Pro, or enter a color manually.

Working with custom color libraries? We’ve got you covered! Upload your color library into the Nix app and match to your own collections.

Learn how to upload your own libraries with this easy how-to guide.

Designed for the creator on the go

  • Hassle-free. Tailored for a busy lifestyle, the Nix Pro is ready to use out-of-the-box. No calibration, no waiting, no problem.
  • Quick approval. Working remotely? Send color proposals via email and social media in a flash.
  • Portable. The Nix Pro is light-weight and wireless, allowing you to scan inspirational colors on the go.
  • Convert. Easily convert XYZ, RGB, CMYK and HEX values with our built-in color converter.
  • Brainstorm. Grab colors and save for later use. Build your own custom color swatches and add notes to each saved scan.

Compatible with programs like:

Adobe InDesign Logo Adobe Lightroom Logo Adobe Photoshop Logo Adobe Premier Pro Logo Adobe After Effects Logo Adobe Illutrator Logo Autocad Logo Autodesk Revit LogoAutodesk Maya Logo

Autodesk Sketchbook Logo Unity Logo Final Cut Pro Logo ZBrush Logo Cinema 4D LogoCorel Logo KeyShot 3D Rendering

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