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Nix Pro Color Sensor

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CAD $399.00

Scan. Save. Share. The Nix Pro Color Sensor will revolutionize your color delivery process and provide you with instant color comparisons. Simply scan any color critical surface, save it to your smartphone or tablet, and match it to existing color libraries. We’ve taken the guesswork out of color measurement leaving you with precise color delivery every time.

Features and Specs

  • Super easy to use. You’ll be up and running in minutes.
  • Incredibly accurate. The Nix Pro blocks out all ambient light for a precise match every time.
  • Instant color comparisons. Stop arguments before they happen.
  • Raw color values. We don’t hide anything. Export to any software or system you like.
  • Insane battery life. 3,000 scans, 6 months standby on a single charge.
  • Portable. Bring it on the road and close deals now, not later.
  • Wireless. Via Bluetooth Smart (4.0)
  • Supported. Backed by the best team in the industry. We eat, sleep, and breathe color.

How Can The Nix Work For Me?

What's Included With My Purchase?

  • 1x Nix Pro Color Sensor device
  • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Microfiber Carrying Pouch
  • FREE lifetime access to the Nix Pro Android & iOS Apps

What Color Libraries Are Available?

Color Library Update-03


The best part about the Nix Pro Color Sensor is that it becomes better and better every day. Libraries are being continuously added to the apps over time. Don’t see the library you’d like to use? Contact us using the links below and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.

How Can I Contact You With Questions?

  • Use the chat function in the bottom-left hand corner of the screen to talk with a real person in our office.
  • Email us at
  • Call us at: Main Office: +1.905.581.6363 Toll Free (NA): +1.800.649.1387 San Francisco: +1.415.632.3448 

Free Shipping!

  • We now offer free standard shipping worldwide! If you’d like to upgrade, you can still get an instant quote after adding to the cart.

Disclaimer: International shipments may be liable for local customs and duties. These customs and duties are the responsibility of the recipient. Nix Sensor Ltd. cannot determine what local customs and duties might be, please contact your local customs office for further information.

Warranty & Refund Policy

  • We have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you try the Nix Pro and find that it doesn’t suit your needs or workflow, you can return it for your money back, no questions asked.
  • Every Nix Pro comes standard with a 60 day warranty that covers all manufacturers defects.

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Note: All purchases are subject to the terms set out in our End User License Agreement.

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Dimensions 3.8 x 3.8 x 3.8 in
Comments (9)
  1. Nancy Ulrich says:

    “After over 2,200 color scans I must say that I am incredibly pleased with this app, the Nix Scanner and the company.

    It is easy to use and understand, and very accurate; it has 5 different ways to present the color values.
    Color fidelity is great on iPhone. Darn good even on my Samsung Android which is known to have a screen with a definite color shift to the blue.
    The company is VERY responsive to user questions and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help. My Nix had a minor glitch at the worst possible time for me. I emailed the Nix folks at what was 9:00pm their local time. And Zachary responded within 15 minutes! He asked good, clarifying questions and made sure that I took the proper steps to protect my precious color data.”

    Nancy Ulrich – ★★★★★ Android Play Store Review

  2. Tech Crunch says:

    Nix is designed to replace old school color swatches and paint decks, and has obvious applications for interior decorators, and designers and artists of all stripes — anyone who cares about and plays with colour
    Tech Crunch – The Photoshop Eyedropper In Real Life

  3. says:

    It’s a definite must-have tool for artists whose areas of expertise fall in both the worlds: analog and digital. – The Real World Color Picker for Artists

  4. Benoit Dulude says:

    Really a great tool for any print shop and designers. I always carry it with me when I meet customers or make onsite surveys.
    Benoit Dulude – President of Affichage Empreinte Verte inc. (

  5. Rita Talwar says:

    I received my Nix Pro Color Sensor as a gift and immediately started playing with it and thinking on how it would be useful as an Interior Designer’s tool. I have to say I use it in every project! It is a staple tool for my workflow. I can color match anything from a plant leaf to fiberglass chair color. I can capture true color, find its paint match or its use its color coding in my renderings, I use it for branding colors and it gives me the language to pass on to graphic designers and fabricators. I don’t have to worry about shadows or over exposure of light when matching colors. Its technology is astounding and its so easy to use. Its small, well designed and makes me look good! Thanks Nix Sensor Ltd.!!!

  6. Joe Colannino, Watercolorist says:

    I have a Nix Pro Color Sensor and I LOVE IT. I use it for my watercolors. I prepared a graphic using their color sensor and six or more dilutions of 37 various pigment swatches I prepared. From the streaklines, you can see how chroma and hue change with dilution and converge to the ultimate hue and chroma of the underlying paper… I calculated the streaklines by using a least squares algorithm with truncated Laurent and Taylor series. With these calculations I can find the dilution corresponding to maximum chroma. Since the maximum is an interpolation (LS regression) of the data, I have no actual swatch to measure to obtain colorimetric coordinates. However, I can calculate L* a* b* measurements in CIELAB space, and … then calculate the coordinates of other spaces using conversion algorithms that also exactly duplicate the coordinates given by the Nix Color Calculator. This also tells me that their color conversions are accurate.


  7. Melissa Margaret says:

    It’s the worst when you’re standing in front of the paint swatches in Home Depot, trying to figure out if that perfect colour you found had more blue tones or yellows in it. Even worse, when you have nothing to sample it against. For someone who has a love for colour and how it can impact a space so drastically, I would 100% encourage any designer to pick themselves up this amazing life saver. It will not disappoint you or your clients


    Melissa owner of M² Perspectives
    Designer + Blogger + Idealist

  8. Robert Fry says:

    As a sign shop owner, we are often mixing paint to match existing signs or a vinyl color. Scans have been matched to Sherwin Williams and Behr paints with great results and I can also now custom print vinyl to specs for a match to something I have in hand. Relatively simple to use and store colors for later. Already worth the price in my shop.
    Robert Fry, Owner
    Signs By Fry
    Lakemoor, IL, USA

  9. Remco says:

    Ordered one many months ago and have been using it all the time for scanning objects to match with colours for making 3D printing filaments.

    Though it would have been awesome if the device would immediately show (nearest) ral colours I’ve been able to use with a high chance of success to depict the closest matching Ral.

    The Nix Pro is easy to use and I would recommend it to anyone who wants an affordable yet accurate color scanner.

    P.s. You guys need an European distributor 😉

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