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How do you measure color in your industry?

Fan Decks are too low-tech.

  • They are subjective and inaccurate. Every employee using comparison charts or fan decks will have a different opinion about the color of the product- this leads to procedural error that is difficult to detect and almost impossible to prevent.
  • They require training. New employees have to be trained to use visual systems, which takes valuable time and resources that reduce overall productivity and profitability. This can have a large impact on the bottom line of most manufacturers.
  • It’s hard to track the results. Unless employees manually track their observations on pen-and-paper systems, it is impossible to track color quality across suppliers, shifts, seasons, and even across different processing locations. What gets measured gets managed, and if you aren’t measuring color quality, it’s not getting managed or improved.

Spectrophotometers belong in labs.

  • They are expensive. Spectrophotometers cost thousands – if not tens of thousands – of dollars, which means it is incredibly difficult for most companies to purchase enough instrumentation to support any color quality control process with a sufficient sample size when compared to the product throughput.
  • They are fragile. Industry-grade spectrophotometers are vulnerable to being dropped, damaged, exposed to heat and cold, and must avoid moisture. This means they can only be used in controlled laboratory environments, which can be difficult and costly to maintain in many industrial facilities.
  • Only technicians can use them. Because of calibration cards, difficult user interfaces, and scientific color readouts, spectrophotometers are too complicated to used by untrained employees.

Meet the Nix Pro Color Sensor.

It’s a tape measure for color that any employee can use.

When you are processing tens or hundreds of tonnes of products per month, solutions must be able to have a measurable effect given your volume and margins. The Nix Pro Color Sensor is the most reliable and user-friendly color measurement solution in the world, and is ideal for industry use due to its speed, simplicity, and digital data storage.


How does it work?

Scan any surface you like.

The Nix Color Sensor blocks out all the ambient light in the room and provides its own calibrated light source, which it uses to send an accurate color reading to your smartphone.

Save colors to your smartphone or computer.

We’ve replaced fan decks, tiny screens, and paper readouts with an intuitive digital interface that lets you organize and save color swatches. This is ideal for users who are on-the-move, or for users who need a color measurement solution that fits in their pocket.

Get information in color systems you’re already using.

Out of the box, the Nix Pro provides color measurements in RGB, CMYK, HEX, CIELAB, and XYZ. If you have a unique color system already in use, we can build a custom color measurement & management solution around it.


But wait, there’s more…

No user calibration required.

Other color measurement solutions rely on calibration tiles (or stickers) to maintain their accuracy. All of these things get soiled easily and fade within months, which is a fatal flaw in their design and makes them frustrating to use. All Nix Pro units are factory-calibrated and designed to maintain their accuracy over time.

This thing is built to last.

Not to boast, but this a smartphone accessory that will definitely outlive your smartphone. It is designed to be resistant to drops, dirt, and extreme temperature conditions. If you get dirt or dust on it, just clean it like you would a smartphone screen. Good luck dropping your spectro on the floor or cleaning dirt off of your fan decks.

The Nix Pro collects and organizes color data.

A connected color device like the Nix Pro empowers employees of all skill levels to be part of the color quality control process, which provides you with data that is digitized and sortable in .csv format – something that fan decks and spectrophotometers could never do.

Curious about how this might work for your company? We digitize your existing color systems and provide help with process integration as part of our trial process.


Learn more about how we can help your business:

From our beginnings at Nix Sensor Ltd., we have been working with many clients to revolutionize how color quality is tracked and improved. We have extensive experience in designing and implementing color quality control programs that fit with our clients’ existing workflows.

We are the only color technology company in the world that specializes in custom applications and unique use cases.