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The Nix Hardware

We’re glad you received your Nix. Welcome to the 21st century of color! Our Nix Pro setup guide will help you get your device up and running in no time!

You should have the following items included in the box:

  • 1x NIX Pro Color Sensor
  • 1x USB Cable (for charging)
  • 1x Micro-fiber carrying pouch

If you do not have all three of these things, please email us right away!

Downloading Your App

Just click on the links below to begin the app download process.
en_app_rgb_wo_60 appstore

Using Your Nix Pro Color Sensor

Step 1: 

Open your beautiful new Nix Pro!

Boxed-Large (Medium)
UnBoxed-Large (Medium)

UnBoxed2-Large (Medium)

White-Box-Large (Medium)Step 2:

Your Nix Pro arrives in a “sleeping” state. Plug it in using the provided USB cable to either your computer or any cell phone charger. Notice that the blue LED comes on when charging.

Charging-Large (Medium)

Nix Tip: While you’re plugged in, you might as well let your Nix Pro charge for a bit.

Step 3:

Disconnect from the USB cable and open the Nix Pro app on your iOS or Android device. You should be prompted to connect to your device.

Connecting-Large (Medium)

Nix Tip: If you have multiple Nix Pros, they will be sorted with the closest one on the top of the device list.

Step 4:

Place your Nix Pro on any object you’d like and press Scan on your iOS or Android device!

Notebook-Large (Medium)

You will instantly receive, RGB, CMYK, HEX, XYZ and Lab color values right on your screen!

Nix Tip: Graphic designers… you just found the holy grail of color data.

Step 5:

Let’s try and convert to your favorite brand of paint! Just click the palette icon in top top right hand corner and follow the prompts.

Paint-Large (Medium)

This notebook is Benjamin Moore “Hot Spice”!

Nix Tip: The matches are sorted by closest match. In this example, “Tangerine Dream” is the 2nd closest match.

Step 6:

Have Fun! Scan everything!

Purse-Large (Medium)

Miffy-Large (Medium)

Glasses-Case-Large (Medium)

Nix Tip: Have a cool photo of you scanning something interesting? Tweet, Instagram or email us!